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Valley Aurora Case Study

Valley Aurora grew from $8 million to $116 million in a very price competitive market in just 11 years. They even captured over 50% market share in one market segments they served.

After owning and operating a retail store his entire career, a 63-year-old named Arthur, decided he wanted to get into the distribution business. He believed that retailers in his industry had a lot of unsatisfied needs. He thought that he could do it better than any of the companies who had supplied his store. And by fulfilling these unsatisfied needs, he would acquire many loyal customers.

So, he sold his store and bought a small, $8 million revenue, run-down distribution company in his major U.S. metro market. One of the largest markets in the country for his industry. His vision was to become a leading distributor in that the market.

What makes the success of this company even more amazing is the team that Arthur built to run the company. He hired a group of energetic young people with no related industry experience and very little work experience of any kind. They became his leadership and management team.

Mike Berns, one of the Market Masters co-founders, was one of those young people. He became one of the key people who drove the growth of the company.

The Market Masters Double-Digit Growth System is based on the business philosophy, principles, and approach that Arthur and his young team created. While we have added tools to the toolbox over the years, the basic system and approach is still largely intact. We have successfully used this system in a wide range of manufacturing and distribution companies over the past 40+ years.

Arthur’s strategy was very simple. Continuously search for and create greater value for all stakeholders. Everything that the company did for 11 years and all their success was driven by this single strategy.

Valley Aurora was in the business of distributing wine and spirits in one of the largest and most competitive markets in the U.S., Chicago. They were selling a lot of the same products as their competitors. And as a distributor, they could not make any changes to the product. They had to find other ways to create value to win customers.

Arthur had ideas about what he thought customers would see as superior value. But they needed to confirm his assumptions and then figure out how to develop and deliver that unique value. They became masters at:

  • Figuring out what value customers needed and desired and what they were willing to pay for this value.
  • Developing multiple new value offerings and value propositions.
  • Delivering differing and unique value offerings to multiple customer segments.

Their early successes led them to develop the discipline of drilling down into every aspect of their’s and their customers’ businesses to discover new value opportunities.

They were relentless in searching for and finding more ways to create value for all stakeholders.

What was a surprise to Arthur and his team was that in 11 years, no competitor ever discovered or replicated any of the unique value propositions that they delivered. This has held true in all the other companies where Market Masters has implemented the Double-Digit Growth System.

This creates a competitive advantage that eliminates as much as 90% of the competition.

The Double-Digit Growth System does not require a large investment of capital, new technology, product development, AI, or any complicated business strategy. This system is based on a unique, yet common-sense, practical approach that any CEO can understand, learn, and implement.

And over the years, it has consistently delivered amazing growth results.

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