We See The Things That Others Don’t

Meet Mike Berns and Howard Hauser, entrepreneurs renowned for their remarkable success. Unlike others, they've crafted a simple yet potent system, uncovering overlooked opportunities and insights along the way.

Meet Our Founders: Visionaries Behind Success

Mike Berns and Howard Hauser are rare entrepreneurs. Yes, they successfully lead companies to amazing growth. Here’s how they’re different.

Most exceptionally successful entrepreneurs can’t really articulate how they accomplished their success. They can give you the broad strokes but not actionable details.

Mike and Howard, on the other hand, have boiled down their knowledge, experience, and trade secrets into a proprietary system that’s simple to understand, learn, and implement. This success is because their system allows them to see opportunities and insights that others overlook.

Mike Berns

Growing up in Chicago and playing on championship football teams in both high school and college shaped Mike into a fierce competitor. He learned that if you want to win, you have to do the work to earn the prize.

Mike had an early exposure to business watching his father operate his office equipment repair business. Mike saw first-hand what it takes to be successful in running and growing a business. He also learned the importance of fulfilling your customers’ needs.

High Growth Leadership

Mike’s first corporate position launched him on a career of corporate turnarounds, business acquisitions/sales and high-growth leadership.

The owner of that first company recognized Mike’s exceptional talent. He taught, coached, and molded Mike’s drive to win.

He understood and helped develop Mike’s analytical mind, teaching him to become an outstanding strategist and visionary leader.

Hyper-analytical Mind

Mike learned about turnarounds and how to acquire companies from the ground up – by first doing, then managing, and ultimately leading every key activity. Mike went on to lead dozens of strategic acquisitions and sales.

Mike brings his math degree, hyper-analytical mind, and entrepreneurial drive to identify and quantify hidden opportunities, create outstanding financial deal structures, as well as financial performance analysis.

Howard Hauser

Howard grew up outside of a small town in eastern Pennsylvania. He found expression for his creative side in every musical activity available throughout high school. He co-founded a band and started playing in clubs at age 15.

Ultimately, this group became the top band in Allentown, PA by the time he graduated from college with a business/accounting degree. Howard learned about business working in his father’s wholesale flower growing business starting at age 12.

Early Life Lessons

Being the oldest of seven children, he was expected to teach and supervise his younger siblings as they worked in the greenhouses on weekends and in the summers.

This background led him to have a first-hand understanding of what it takes to be successful running and growing a business.

As Howard matured, he learned to identify and master new disciplines to be successful.

These early life experiences prepared him for his first corporate position. 

A Journey of Success

Here, he was asked to clean up a dysfunctional billing department and get it operating smoothly. His success in this position launched him into dozens of successively more challenging turnaround positions in a variety of industries.

This eventually led to company turnarounds with full P&L responsibility.

Howard uses his creative problem solving, change leadership, and financial skills to restructure and optimize departments, divisions, and companies. All of which produce dramatically better efficiency and financial performance.

Decades of Leadership Wisdom

Benefit from over 40 years of invaluable leadership insights. Mike and Howard’s extensive experience in guiding small to mid-size private companies ensures accelerated success for entrepreneurs, without the typical decade-long learning curve.

Lessons From 40+ Years

And they have the need to pass their system on to other entrepreneurs. They want them to experience exceptional success without the decade plus it typically takes to get there.

They have 40+ years of leading and coaching small to mid-size private companies. They’ve held leadership roles in over 50 companies – mostly in manufacturing and distribution.

Elevating Business Performance

In their extensive tenure, Mike and Howard have honed their expertise in elevating business performance across key areas.

Their strategic approach encompasses optimizing sales, marketing, and revenue channels, enhancing profitability, boosting company value, fortifying financial foundations, and streamlining operational efficiency.

Value-Centric Strategies

As you might expect, they’ve learned a thing or two. And the biggest takeaway? Creating value for all stakeholders.

They demonstrate that following this belief improves the performance of every aspect of a company.

Making it easier to lead and manage.

Core Values: The Heart of Our Approach

Mike and Howard share the core values of not only creating value, but helping others, solving problems, and making the world a better place. This is at the heart of their approach to both life and business.

Sit down and have a conversation with them and you can’t help but notice these themes emerge. At the same time, they believe in competing to win.